Accessing our services

Our aim is to make accessing our services as easy as possible. Below are some simple steps which will help you to find the most appropriate consultant to lead your care and how to be referred to them.
How to Refer

Harley Street at Queen’s is a dedicated private patient centre

Search: Use our find a specialist search tool to find the most appropriate consultant to treat your medical needs. You can search by specialty or, if you know who you are looking for, then you can search by name. You can then make a decision about which expert is best suited to provide the treatment required. If you are unsure of which consultant you need to see or can’t find what you are looking for, you can contact us for more information and advice.

Contact: Once you know which consultant you would like to see you can contact us on 020 7079 4344. Alternatively, if you are unsure which consultant would best suit your medical needs, you can contact us 020 7079 4344 for advice.

Appointment: Our team will arrange an appropriate appointment, also known as a consultation, normally within 48 hours of receiving a referral. Sometimes this can be sooner depending on the urgency of the referral and the medical condition – we’ll be as flexible as possible.

Co-ordination: We will help to co-ordinate the necessary arrangements with your insurance company prior to treatment. Alternatively, if you are self funding your care, we can provide you with a tailored quote. You may already have a GP referral, in which case we will need a copy of this; if you have not yet got a GP referral, we can advise on the easiest way to access our services.

If you have scheduled to come into hospital, please read our Patient Guide.